Disabilities and Pre-Employment Transition Services

Embarking on a career path with a disability often involves overcoming unique challenges, but the state of Minnesota (DEED) offers a range of pre-employment transition services to support individuals in their journey toward meaningful employment. In this blog, we’ll explore the tailored services available to empower individuals with disabilities in Minnesota as they transition into the workforce.

  • Understanding Pre-Employment Transition Services (Pre-ETS):
    Pre-ETS are specialized services designed to assist individuals with disabilities (age 14-22) in developing skills, gaining work experience, and preparing for future employment. These services, often provided through the Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development (DEED), are crucial for a smooth transition into the workforce.
  • Career Exploration and Counseling:
    Pre-ETS in Minnesota includes career exploration and counseling services to help individuals identify their strengths, interests, and potential career paths. This guidance plays a vital role in aligning skills with suitable employment opportunities.
  • Work-Based Learning Experiences:
    Hands-on experience is invaluable. L&S offers work-based learning opportunities, allowing individuals to gain practical skills and exposure to different work environments. This can be particularly beneficial for building confidence and understanding workplace dynamics.
  • Job Shadowing and Internships:
    Job shadowing and internships are components of pre-employment transition services, providing individuals with disabilities the chance to observe and participate in real work settings. These experiences foster skill development and enhance the transition from education to employment.
  • Assistance with Resume Building and Interview Skills:
    Crafting a compelling resume and mastering interview skills are essential steps in the job search process. L&S often provide assistance in resume building and offer mock interviews to boost confidence and readiness.
  • Self-Advocacy Training:
    Knowing one’s rights and advocating for oneself is crucial. Pre-ETS includes self-advocacy training to empower individuals with disabilities to communicate effectively, request accommodations, and navigate the workplace with confidence.
  • Transition Planning:
    Preparing for life after education is a significant aspect of the transition process. Pre-ETS involves transition planning, including setting goals, developing action plans, and collaborating with relevant stakeholders to ensure a smooth progression from school to employment.
  • Collaboration:
    Pre-ETS Service Providers (L&S Consulting) collaborates with Vocational Rehabilitation Services, creating a comprehensive support system. This collaboration ensures a seamless transition by addressing both educational and vocational needs.
  • Ongoing Support and Follow-Up:
    The journey doesn’t end with finding employment. Pre-ETS in Minnesota emphasizes ongoing support and follow-up to address any challenges that may arise in the workplace, up to age 22! This sustained assistance contributes to long-term success and career growth.

Pre-employment transition services play a pivotal role in empowering individuals with disabilities to navigate the path from education to meaningful employment. By offering tailored support, our services pave the way for a more inclusive and diverse workforce, demonstrating that individuals with disabilities can thrive and contribute significantly to Minnesota’s labor force.

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