Our Story

Empowering Every Step of Your Career Journey
Welcome to L&S Consulting, where we believe in the strength of diversity and the potential of every individual. With over four decades of combined experience, our roots in Minnesota have grown deep, supporting a flourishing network of partners and communities. We are more than a consulting firm; we are architects of opportunity, building accessible pathways to employment for individuals of all abilities.

Our Mission

Fostering Inclusion, Championing Potential
At the heart of L&S Consulting lies a mission to open doors to meaningful careers for youth and adults with disabilities. We strive to create a world where every job seeker has the support, resources, and confidence to achieve their goals. Our holistic approach blends personalized services with a commitment to ethical, respectful practices, ensuring that every individual is empowered to navigate their career path with dignity and pride.

Our Approach

Holistic Support for Holistic Success
We understand that a successful career involves more than just landing a job. It's about finding the right fit, growing in confidence, and thriving in an inclusive environment. That's why our services are comprehensive, ranging from pre-employment training to ongoing job support. Our team approach means we collaborate with you, employers, and the community, ensuring a support system that's as integrated as the employment we champion.

Our Values

Commitment, Integrity, Realness, Results
These four pillars stand at the foundation of everything we do:


We are dedicated to best practices and support that make a real difference.


Honesty and meaningful relationships are at the forefront of our interactions.


Authentic training and genuine support reflect our true passion for your success.


With knowledgeable professionals at your side, we aim for excellence and impactful outcomes.

CARF Accredited

CARF accreditation is more than a certificate on the wall. It is evidence that the organization strives to improve efficiency, fiscal health, and service delivery — creating a foundation for continuous quality improvement and consumer satisfaction. Insurers, third-party payers, and governmental regulators are likely to see CARF-accredited services as a better risk. Ultimately, our greatest value is assuring the persons you serve, and their families, that your services are focused on their unique needs.

CARF accreditation is an indication of our organization’s dedication and commitment to improving the quality of the lives of the persons served. Services, personnel, and documentation clearly indicate an established pattern of conformance to standards.

Accreditation Decision: Three-Year Accreditation Expiration: August 31, 2024

Memberships in NRA & MRA

National Rehabilitation Association

The National Rehabilitation Association (NRA) is the oldest professional member organization in the United States that advocates for the rights of individuals with disabilities while also promoting high quality, ethical, and collaborative practice across the rehabilitation profession. The NRA, comprised of counselors, educators, researchers, and diverse agents of community integration, is committed to continuously impacting and improving upon the multifaceted conditions, across our society, necessary to enhance quality of life of individuals with disabilities, their families, and our communities.

Minnesota Rehabilitation Association

Minnesota Rehabilitation Association (MRA). MRA members work to eliminate barriers and increase employment opportunities for people with disabilities. MRA provides its members opportunities for advocacy and increased awareness of issues through professional development and access to current research topics. Together, we work towards a society where there are no barriers, environmental or attitudinal, to full employment and participation in life.

About The Owners

The Chief Operating Officer , Shannon, possesses a Bachelor of Science degree in Elementary Education, a Master of Arts degree in Special Education, and holds multiple other teaching licenses including: accommodation specialist, work based learning coordinator & director of special education. Her professional background includes substantial involvement with transition-aged youth, curriculum development, and noteworthy roles such as the presidency of a national organization and ownership of 2 small businesses. Additionally, she has shared her expertise by teaching aspiring teachers at the University of Minnesota and the University of St. Thomas. Renowned for her diligence, strong ethical values, responsiveness, dynamism, and a passionate commitment to enhancing the lives of individuals with disabilities.
The CEO, Lisa, is a dedicated professional with a strong background in administration and education, particularly in working with individuals in community based settings. Holding a Bachelor's degree in Child Development and Family Life (social work), a Master's degree in Education, and a K-12 Principal License, Lisa's expertise spans a wide range of knowledge in the areas of disability services and education. Lisa brings a unique skill set to her work, making her a keynote speaker and presenter at conferences and organizations.
Lisa's commitment to making a positive difference is evident in her extensive work with families from diverse cultures and her impactful contributions to the lives of individuals with disabilities. Recognized with prestigious awards, she has also served as a faculty member at the University of Minnesota, sharing her knowledge with the next generation of professionals.

Helping clients achieve their career & life goals.

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L&S Consulting does not discriminate based on race, creed, religion, sex, sexual orientation, color, national origin, familial status, age, disability, marital status, veteran status or status with regard to public assistance.

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CARF Survey Results

CARF found that L&S Consulting, LLC demonstrated the following strengths:

Although the organization is a relatively new provider, it has already established itself as a highly respected vendor that consistently provides quality Pre-ETS, job coaching, and job placement services to the Greater Saint PaulMinneapolis area.

The organization is recognized for the commitment to its administration functions. There is noticeable redundancy in place to ensure that documentation is meaningful, timely, and honest in regard to all the services that it delivers. The organization has built a strong infrastructure that should provide it with the building blocks to enable it to grow and help change more clients’ lives in the future.

The referral entities voiced a high level of satisfaction with the employment specialists and the leadership, which were described as capable, always responsive, proactive, good communicators, confident, flexible, and working well as a team, and as a whole, they were referred to as “top notch.” Referral entities also uniformly appreciated the staff members’ strong commitment to responding and communicating with all the stakeholders: clients, families, vocational rehabilitation counselors, and the businesses. Minnesota Vocational Rehabilitation Services was impressed with how L&S Consulting consistently treated all clients with respect and had their best interests always in the forefront of its work.

The organization is recognized for its resolute commitment to coordinated, individualized services. The team members individually and collectively are very creative and ensure that the entire process is driven by the clients and that goals and objectives are achieved. There is a strong commitment to improve the clients’ self- advocacy skills, and the staff members communicate routinely and ongoing with the entire team to ensure that everyone is aware of what is happening in real time.

The families and guardians unanimously share how pleased they were to have L&S Consulting providing services to their family member and felt that the employment specialists and leadership team were helpful, kind, caring, honest, open, and knowledgeable about what their family member needed to be successful in the individual job. They also shared they felt that their family member was respected and treated as a real person by everyone at L&S Consulting.

The organization is recognized for its strong commitment to its workforce. Considerable time and energy are spent on hiring, onboarding, initial training, and then ongoing active support to ensure that staff members reach their full potential and meet or exceed the organization’s expectations. The executive leadership team is very hands on and approachable with the staff members and is there to support and guide them in delivering industry-leading employment services.

The organization has done a great job of creating multiple partnerships with the business community, which serves it well in regard to finding employment opportunities for clients and with developing a variety of community-based experiences as part of Pre-ETS. L&S Consulting is skilled at engaging with the business community and building long-lasting partnerships that will be win-win situations for years to come.

L&S Consulting has a great executive leadership team leading the organization. They are visionary and have a strong drive and commitment to ensure that L&S Consulting becomes the preferred vendor of employment services in the area; that it is sustainable and profitable; that it treats its staff members and clients with the utmost respect; and that the staff members are engaged, capable, and professional in delivering meaningful outcomes for the clients.

The employment specialist team is a diverse group of talented professionals who bring strong foundational understanding of quality employment services, coupled with outstanding communication skills and a laser focus on achieving the clients’ individual goals and objectives. They work well as a team and bring a contagious energy and drive to their job each day.

The persons served voiced a high level of satisfaction with the services they receive from L&S Consulting, with each of the employment specialists, and with the leadership team. They described the leadership and staff as “treating [clients] with respect and dignity,” “kind and caring,” “talented,” and “amazing.” A client stated, “They listened to me and treated me as a person.”

L&S Consulting Referral Form

Referral and other information received is protected and is maintained as confidential and private. Job coaching is available evenings, weekends, & days.